What are heavy

Heavy periods, also known as menorrhagia, are very
common and can cause enough bleeding to soak
through your sanitary napkins every hour for several
hours or days in a row. About one third of women seek
treatment for heavy periods.

Are Heavy Periods Affecting Your Life?

With heavy menstrual bleeding, your period can cause enough blood loss and cramping that it can take over your everyday life. While every period is different, common symptoms of heavy periods include:

  • Needing to double the number of sanitary
    products for your protection
  • Bleeding longer than 7 days
  • Needing to change your sanitary protection during the night
  • Passing large blood clots in your flow
  • Soaking through sanitary protection every
    hour for several hours in a row

Heavy periods can make it difficult to work, exercise, and be socially and sexually active. You may also feel weak or tired and have no energy. The signs of heavy periods are most likely to start between the ages of 30 and 40.

Do I Have Heavy

Taking the heavy bleeding self-
assessment can help you determine if
you have heavy periods. Consider
talking to your doctor if you answer
yes to any of the following statements.

  • Heavy Bleeding Self Assessment

    Taking the heavy bleeding self-assessment can help you determine if you have heavy
    periods. Print this form and talk to your doctor if you answered yes to any of the
    following statements:

  • To create a 1-page PDF with your answers to discuss with your doctor, select the “Download Assessment” button below.

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A Proven Treatment Using
Natural Water Vapor

Mara is a 2-minute endometrial ablation treatment* that uses
natural water vapor to gently remove the lining of the uterus
and reduce heavy bleeding. This one-time treatment is
designed to be performed in the convenience of your doctor’s
office without incisions or the need for general anesthesia.

*The water vapor treatment takes 2 minutes, as part of a 4-minute procedure.

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